Introduction to XpressFill

Finally, an Easy to Use Bottle Filling Machine that's Accurate and Affordable!

Need to put your product into bottles?  Are you looking for an easy way to bottle your treasured product, without having to be an Engineer or spend hours trying to figure out how to use the machine?  Want a bottle filler that doesn't take up a ton of space and doesn't require assembly and disassembly? Would you like the added assurance that comes with a full one-year parts and service warranty?

XpressFill bottle fillers by Vigneron Specialty Products are hand-crafted, compact, easy to use bottle fillers perfect for the small to medium-production Artisan Craft Person. XpressFill fillers are made in the USA from high quality, food grade components.  The fillers are a closed system, so no air can enter the flow path as you are bottling.  XpressFill bottle-fill systems are very affordable for the small Artisan.  XpressFill bottle fillers are gentle on your product.  With three types and five models to choose from, there is an XpressFill bottle filler just right for you.  Whether you want to fill wine, beer, distilled spirits, liqueur, water, olive oil, sauces, vinegar, lotion, tea, natural health supplements, environmentally friendly cleaners or something equally wonderful, XpressFill can "fill your needs".



NEW Beer/Carbonated Beverage Filler, the XpressFill XF2500 

Now you can fill your beer, sparkling beverages, sodas - anything carbonated! Refined technology, simple to use.

You told us your needs, we listened

Only $3695.00

SPECIAL 30% discount to first 5 orders only,  this is a one time deal.

Will Ship out by or before December 3, 2014








2 & 4 Bottle Volumetric Fillers

Accurate * Consistent * Easy to Use

2 Bottle Volumetric Fillers4 Bottle Volumetric Fillers

2 & 4 Bottle Level Fillers

Up to 450 bottles/hour. Same level each time.

2 Bottle Level Fillers4 Bottle Level Fillers