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Filling Cans for the Beer Brewing Industry

Filling Cans for the Beer Industry

Beer Can Filling Machines

We have introduced a new unit designed specifically for open fill of carbonated beverages, the XF2200 and XF4400. We have modified the valves and flow path diameters resulting in a much better flow with less foaming. The new filler is based on our level fill unit with a gas purge cycle and switch that initiates the flow once the can is placed on the shelf. We are estimating about 6 cans per minute with a ~10 second fill time (2 spout, so even faster with 4).

Our Carbonated Beverage Counter Pressure for Cans Filler, XF4500C has a production rate of approximately 300 12 oz cans per hour. This unique filler has the ability to counter pressure fill cans, purging the cans with CO2 prior to the fill sequence, sealing the cans against the custom stoppers. The fill is automatically stopped once the liquid (foam) reaches the level sensors. The fill process provides for a cleaner can fill, less waste and better dissolved oxygen levels for better taste and better shelf life.

Carbonated Beverage Counter Pressure Can Filler Machine

Counter Pressure Beer Can Filler

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Carbonated Beverage Open Fill Can Filler Machine

Open Fill Beer Can Filler

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