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Filling bottles and cans for the beer, wine, distilled spirits, olive oil, juice industries and more...

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Bottle and Can Filling Machines

Carbonated Beverage Bottles/Cans

Perfect for beer, kombucha, soda

Carbonated Beverage Bottle/Cans

You can affordably counter pressure fill both bottles (XF2500 / XF4500) and cans (XF4500C) from your keg or brite tank. Filling under pressure maximizes the retention of CO2 during the fill process. Even crowlers can be counter pressure filled with the XF4500C. Need a more efficient can filler for your carbonated beverage, the open filler (XF4400 / XF2200) for cans is based on our level fill unit with a gas purge cycle and automatic level sensor for minimum beverage waste. International shipping and 220 volt power is available for our International customers. Contact us for more information.

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Volumetric Fillers

Perfect for spirits, juices, olive oil & vinegar

Volumetric Fillers

The volumetric filler provides an adjustable shelf and offers the most flexibility when filling a broad range of bottle sizes. The variations in bottle fill volumes are within a consistent range in order to comply with the regulations set by the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) which makes this filler perfect for industries who must comply. Volumes are controlled by use of the digital timer. Times will vary according to the viscosity of the product. The digital timer is precise and adjustable down to .01 seconds, and the time is stored in the memory until changed by the user.

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Level Fillers

Perfect for wine, hot fill

Level Fillers

The level filler is designed with a sensor probe that shuts off the fill at the desired height. Simply adjust the shelf to the desired height, then place the bottle on the shelf, to set the fill level wanted. The fill will shut off when the sensor detects the liquid hitting the correct level in the bottle. Perfect for use with hand-blown and other specialty bottles that have slight variations in bottle wall thicknesses, punt size, diameter of the bottle, and neck height, among other inconsistencies. They are most popular in industries requiring bottles to be filled to consistent levels even when volumes may vary more than 3%.

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Weight Based Filler

Introducing the XFW200C


XpressFill's latest innovation in filling, utilizing weight-sensing technology to ensure accurate and reproducible fill volumes. The weight filler is ideal for filling 12- to 16-oz cans. The industrial-grade touchscreen display lets you enter the desired weight and keep track of how much of your craft is filled. A larger flow path allows for a smooth fill and flexibility in your choice of product. Your liquids can contain some degree of particulates like flakes or small seeds, which will allow you to accommodate most liquids - beer, kombucha, juice, RTD mixtures, and many more.

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Bottle and Can Filling Made Easy!

XpressFill Bottle and Can Fillers are handcrafted and custom-made to order in the USA, from high quality food grade components. We offer five types of fillers: Volumetric Filler, Level Filler, Carbonated Beverage Counter Pressure Bottle Filler and a Hot Fill Bottling Filler. With seven models to choose from, there is an XpressFill bottle filler that will fit your needs. XpressFill bottle fillers are custom built, compact, and easy to use. They are ideal for the small-to-medium production artisan craft person; perfect for beverages, beauty products, health supplements, oils, condiments, lubricants, and cleaners.

Each bottle filler is built to order in our factory. Lead times vary, ranging from one to six weeks.

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International shipping is available on all models.

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Comparison Chart

Counter Pressure Bottles
Open Fill Cans XF4400/XF2200
Counter Pressure Cans XF4500C
Level Sensor
Bottles/Hour BPH 200/400
(12 oz bottles)
(12 oz cans)
(750mL bottle)
(750mL bottle)
Suggested Industries Beer
Hard Seltzer
Distilled Spirits
Olive Oil
Distilled Spirits
Stopping Mechanism Level Sensor Level Sensor Timer Level Sensor
Bottle/Can Size/Shape 8 oz. to 750mL
8 oz to 22 oz
Any Any
Options Available     Inert Gas Flush Option ($275/$300)
Small Bottle Rack
Inert Gas Flush Option ($275/$450)
Variable Flow Rate Control ($175/$275)
Hot Fill up to 90 °C
Amount of Liquid 8 oz. to 750mL 8 oz. to 750mL 15mL - 5 Gallons 50mL - 1.5L
Types of Liquid Carbonated and Nitrogenated Products Carbonated and Nitrogenated Products Most products with minimal particulates and viscosity < 1500 cps. Wine, Distilled Spirits, Juice
Dimensions 16" wide x 16.75/21" high x 15.5" deep 16" wide x 17" high x 15.5" deep 11.25" wide x 17" high x 15.5" deep 16" wide x 17" high x 15.5" deep
Weight 32/40 lbs 32 lbs 23 lbs 24 lbs
Lead Time 2 - 3 Weeks 2 - 3 Weeks 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Adjustable Shelf
Food Safe
More Information XF2500/XF4500 XF4500C/XF2200/XF4400 XF460/XF260 XF4100/XF2100