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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our customers use the Xpressfill bottle-filling machines for vinegar, liqueur, alcoholic beverages of many types, olive oil, lotion, still beer, essential oil, tea, nutritional supplements and almost any liquid product without solids or carbonation. We sell two models of bottle fillers to fit various needs. We are happy to help you decide which filler would be best suited for your product.
Cleaning your filler is the #1 best thing you can do to insure it will perform properly for many years. Cleaning is very simple. Cleaning your filler consists of finding a bulk container such as a 5 gallon bucket or similar, filling it with warm (not more than 120F) water, then rinsing the filler several runs with warm water using the same process you use to fill your bottles. Follow the rinses with a cleaning solution (depending on your preference, availability, and your product), and end with a couple more warm water rinses. This takes just minutes.
Yes, the inert gas flush is an option on each of our fillers. All you need is a tank of your preferred sparging gas, a pressure regulator, and reinforced hose to go from your tank and regulator to the filler.
Yes, the XpressFill Volumetric fillers, the XF260 and XF460 models, are designed to fill very small to very large bottles. Each are equipped with an adjustable shelf. Adjustment to your bottle height is quick and easy. The largest bottles may require you to remove the shelf and place filler on a stable surface slightly above your bottles. This is very simple.
Yes! 5000 cases, or 60,000 bottles, is definitely within the realm of what the XF4100 is capable of filling. At the average rate of 440 bottles / hour for wine, it would take less than 140 hours to fill that many bottles, depending on efficiency of user(s). That’s less than 4 weeks of full production bottling throughout the year.
The fillers most suitable for your product would be the XF260 and XF460, depending on the quantity of olive oil you are bottling. Based on 750 ml bottles, the approximate fill rate is 200 bottles/hour for the XF260, and 400 bottles/hour for the XF460.
The Level Fill fillers were designed specifically for the Wine Industry. They are also entirely suitable for distilled spirits, vinegars, waters, teas, liquid supplements, and nearly any product other than 100% oil products.
The XpressFill bottle fillers are roughly the size of a case of wine, and weigh less than 30 pounds. You can place your filler on any stable surface above your bulk container to make it a comfortable height at which to work.
It takes just minutes to set up our XpressFill Machines. All machines come with an easy-to-read User's Manual. The assembly requires only a couple connections, after which you plug the AC line into the wall, organize your bottles and workspace, begin sanitizing your bottles, prime the machine - and GO!
All you need is a flat, dry surface that’s fairly level, has adequate work area, and can support the weight of the unit. Every XpressFill system comes equipped with non-skid rubber feet.
Yes it does. The User's Manual thoroughly covers all aspects of the use and set-up of the XpressFill machines including clear diagrams and pictures. A new version of the User's Manual was implemented when the machines were redesigned. It is very clear and easy to follow.
Every XpressFill bottle filler comes with a full one year parts and workmanship warranty. Should the need arise, all Xpressfill systems are designed to facilitate easy part removal and repair; any part can be quickly disconnected and removed from the chassis and returned to XpressFill for replacement or repair. Customer Service and Technical support are extremely important to us at XpressFill and we pride ourselves in our customer care. XpressFill Systems LLC's customer service receives rave reviews.
Yes, our volumetric and level fill bottle filling machine systems include an internal, state of the art, multi-piston diaphragm, self-priming pump. Our fillers intended for filling cans and bottles with carbonated beverages do not use a pump and rely on the pressure from the pressurized vessel the beverage is in.
A pump of this type is the most efficient pump for moving liquid gently, which is highly desirable when using a bottling machine.
All Xpressfill bottle fillers are self contained systems. Each system has a self priming pump, with a multi-ported delivery assembly. Your product can be pumped directly from your source. All parts in the flow path are either stainless steel or food grade components. This self contained delivery system protects your product from the outside environment.
It is preferable that the apparatus you use for bottling your product be one that is easy to work with, as is the XpressFill. XpressFill machines are made to set on a table top or similar surface with your product below. Many gravity flow systems require the product to be above the bulk container, which can be a challenge for the person bottling. It is important to note that the level of your product needs to be BELOW the filler so the pump can prime the liquid up into the filler. Having your liquid in a barrel or large container is fine if the level is not higher than the filler. One of the biggest advantages to the XpressFill is the compact nature of the design, and, additionally, that your product does not have contact with the outside environment thereby reducing any possibility of contamination or oxidation.
XpressFill ships most items using UPS. For international shipments UPS does charge broker fees for clearing customs - if you would like to self clear and avoid these fees, please let us know and we can provide instructions.