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Bottle Filling Solutions for Distilled Spirits

Distilled Spirits Bottle Filling Machines

XpressFill bottle fillers are the best sellers in the Distilled Spirit’s Industry. From vodka, tequila and whiskey, to liqueurs and cocktails; with a range to accommodate from 50 ml to 1.5 L bottles, our XpressFill bottle fillers can do it all. The Volumetric Bottle Filling Machine (XF260HP two spout / XF460HP four spout) accurately fills bottles to a precise volume using a timer. The fill volumes are within a consistent range in order to comply with the strict regulations set by the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau). These fillers are extremely easy to use and maintain. We provide the technology necessary for your distillery to increase production so your business can grow.

XpressFill bottle fillers are NOT certified as explosion proof, should be used in a well ventilated area, and not for use with solvents. It should be noted that 70% alcohol is 140 proof and has a flash point of 70°F, making the product volatile, as well as flammable.

Volumetric Bottle Filling Machine
XF460HP / XF260HP

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XF460 specs

XF460 user manual