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Wine Bottle Filler Machines

XpressFill serves many customers in the Wine Industry around the globe. Artisan Winemakers can choose between the Volumetric Filler (XF260 two spout / XF460 four spout) or the Level Filler models (XF2100 two spout / XF4100 four spout). Both models are well suited for filling wine bottles. The Volumetric Filler fills to a specific volume using a timer, giving flexibility with bottle size, accommodating very small to very large bottles. While the Level Filler allows the liquid to fill to a specific height in the bottle using a sensor. Both options work well for wine. The Level Filler was specifically designed for the Wine Industry due to the many variations in bottles (i.e. wall thickness, punt, diameter of the neck, etc.) Regardless of bottle variation, the Level Filler fills all bottles to the same level.

Level Fill Machine
XF4100 / XF2100

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Volumetric Fill Machine
XF460 / XF260

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XF4100 specs

XF4100 user manual

XF460 specs

XF460 user manual