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Fair Miles Winery

We have been making wine for 16 years. We started out with the Vigneron unit, moved up to the Xpressfill 4 years ago. Love the ease and quickness of the bottling process. We have bottled 1000's of bottles of wine with no issues.

Tod Emeigh

Seaford, Deleware

The REV Experience is something that you must encounter for yourself, bring your friends, family, coworkers—along with a picnic basket filled with cheeses and crackers or a full on meal if you prefer! Consider us a hidden gem, something that feels secretive and safe--a place where you can enjoy good wine and good company. You may walk in and not know anyone, but at REV strangers always leave friends.

Edward Romero

Covina, California

Bacchus Wines

I have been a hobby wine maker since the 60's. While not always the best result, I learned from each batch. On 6-6-2012 I took the plunge and decided to go commercial when I retired. I purchased what I thought was the best equipment, practiced making batch after batch. Most recently after retirement, I did some upgrading in anticipation of my grand opening. My choice was the XpressFill machine and I am very happy with my early tests and usage. This is my first American built equipment purchased for my business. I am hoping for a long and useful time with my filler.

John Holmes (aka John Bacchus)

Interlachen, Florida

Slightly Askew Winery began operations in 2010 after many years of personal Wine making experience. We are located in Elkin, NC, heart of the Yadkin Valley AVA along with 100 plus wineries. We produce Wine from local juices, as well as, juices from the best wine regions around the world.

Our Winery is quaint with a Relaxed, Fun atmosphere. All who visit our Tasting Room feel right at home. We offer a large selection of Dry, Semi-Dry, and sweet wines. Naming some of our wines after our dogs and family members, such as: "Nasty Bastard", "Slut Dog Sin", and "Numb Knutz", make for an entertaining visit to our Tasting Room.

Edward Romero

Elkin, North Carolina

Volumetric Bottle Filler Versatility


Accommodates bottle sizes ranging from 5mL to 5 gallons.

Volumetric Bottle Filler Viscosity


Suitable for viscosities ranging from water up to 500 cps.

Volumetric Bottle Filler TTB Regulations

TTB Regulations

Accurate to 0.3% to comply with and exceed TTB regulations.

Volumetric Bottle Filler Made in USA

Made in the USA

Hand built in California. All support provided by technicians in our factory.